About Us

Unit 05-08 of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary: Quebec, is dedicated to saving life on the waters of Lac Saint-Louis at Montreal, Quebec. Unit 05-08’s goal is to have a crew on call 24/7 to come to the aid of boaters and their families who find themselves in trouble on the lake.

In 2021, Unit 05-08:

  • In the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, CCGA Unit 8:

    • Responded to 51 emergency calls,

    • Brought over 100 boaters safely back to shore and 41 disabled vessels

    • Cooperated with local police and firefighters in life-saving interventions on Lac St Louis

    • Provided weekend, public holidays, and special water event patrols on the lake from May to October, and

    • Presented safe boating tips and boat safety certifications to the public and boat owners

Unit 05-08 maintains and operates a new 25" Stanley Patrol, certified Search and Rescue vessel based at the Baie D'urfe Yacht Club (45°24'13.25 N 73°55'23.67 W) on the west end of the lake.

The unit is operated by a crew of professionally trained local men and women. Unit members participate in training events held throughout the year to maintain and enhance their ability to achieve the Unit’s mission. Every crew member’s training includes required, up-to-date certification in First Aid, and navigational and boat handling skills.

As an all volunteer crew, no unit member receives any financial compensation whatsoever for their work. However, the Unit is responsible for covering all costs associated with maintaining and operating the Unit’s boat and equipment (gas, oil, boat maintenance, gps, radio, medical supplies etc.). For this it depends solely on the donations of:

  • Boaters to whom the unit provides service to,

  • Individuals, and

  • Organizations of the local community who value the Unit’s presence and services on the lake.

To support our efforts you can make a donation now. All contributions, small or large, are needed and appreciated to help us maintain the Unit’s service on Lake St. Louis. We can, for example, use over $250 worth of gas just patrolling, responding to calls and training in any given week.

A tax receipt is available for donations made.

Thank you in advance for helping to make sure we can be there when needed!